W for water…

March 23, 2017

How I love the world of references.

As a child, delving into print dictionaries- flicking the book open to a random page, scanning across words and their definitions was bliss. I particular enjoyed the offerings from the letters W, X,Y and Z. Little did I know that the world of dictionaries, now in digital formats, would provide the base for a series of short films we are producing for Oxford University Press.We have recently been scanning all the ‘Water’ entries in Oxford Reference Online and produced a minute long film for OUP on water to link with World Water Day (March 22nd). It’s a blend of text-based references and stark visuals of water usage around the home with simple pipework graphics.

We thrive on projects like these because they are all about getting the concept right, even if the short form video is a challenge. Of course, there is always so much more to say and show…but the short content marketing video needs to be only as long you need to make your point and not a millisecond longer…

So point made…mind your flushing!