Mapping the Brain…

Hobson Curtis Films is ‘knee deep’ in production of a short film on the intersection of medical research and healthcare for the Oxford Health NHS foundation Trust.

One of our briefs is to produce a short film about the importance of collecting cognitive clinical data from patients with brain disorders to further research.

At least 10% of the world’s population is affected by some type of mental disorder, according to the WHO and neurological disorders are a growing concern too. From depression to anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and dementia and MS, understanding mental and neurological disorders will only be possible through collection of data from patients and healthy volunteers.


Although such disorders are triggered by different factors, the most important organ of our body, the brain, is one focus of research in our film. And so our crews and producers are having ‘jaw dropping’ insights into Oxford’s cutting edge labs and brain imaging facilities such as the newly commissioned MRI and MEG scanners at OHBA.

We feel privileged to witness the vital research that is taking place in Oxford, conducted by highly skilled and dedicated teams of scientists and clinicians.

Understanding the brain will drive the discovery of treatments and enable many of us to live the full and productive lives we all strive for.